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Introduction - General Information - Admission Procedure

The Milan Fashion Campus 
Fashion Training Designer Workshop

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These are typically flexible modular courses witch can bee can combined among them, having the possibility to create personal customized didactic program, organised to suit each individual’s specific needs.

The distinctive traits of MFC Fashion Training Designer Workshops are
- professional teaching methodology 
- one by one student follow up 
- possibility to create personalized didactic program 
- continues course registration

Attendance is also possible in the weekend or evening school formulae, which have been found to be particularly well suited to people who are already working full time ore engaged in other in other studies.

You can customize your study Itinerary combining your desired courses.

Questions we receive

1. Difference between the 6 months & 3 months course ?
The learning content generally does not change but the more time there is dedicated, the level of your work will enhance. 
Also the 6 month course will be a personalized course having one on one consulting session with the teacher to aim the best outcome for you at the end of the course. 

2. Contents of the Course
See complete course list here ! Click Here

3. Total School Fee Structure, Material Costs, Accommodation Fee
The fee includes the different types of fees:

1 Enrolment fee only if you need an invitation letter (500Euros)

2 Course Fee.
Course materials (apart from laptops and computer related items) cost will be no more than 100Euros. (ie: paper, pencils, erasers, tracing paper...etc)
Accommodation in Milan will depend on the duration of your stay. Flat share will start from usually 500 Euros a month. 
For more information on accomodation in Milan Click Here 

4. When to apply
You can apply to any course any time – all short courses are open courses they start every Monday , classes are held from Monday to Thursday.

5. Any Preliminary entrance exams?
For entrance, CV (Resume) must be sent for the application process. 
You acceptance will be based on your CV. 
For non-beginner students, design work may be asked to be hand in order to enrol.

6. What is included in the course?
The course will include one on one training with the teacher depending on your pace. 
All courses include Adobe Photoshop lessons. Some lessons include Adobe Illustrator lessons. 

7.What is not included?
Cost of accommodation and living (leisure, meals) are not included.

8. What do you need to bring if you make a course in Milan ?
Laptop are always needed in order to take the course.
Softwares needed: Adobe Photoshop (30 day trial ok) and Open Office. Free Trial of Photoshop – Free Open Office suite


Other Information:

Language Requirements
All candidates must have a good knowledge of English, Spanish, German and/or Italian in order to follow the course of their choice.
Please indicate on CV and application form of all the languages spoken.

Application Requirements 
Completed applicatin form with signature
Photocopy of passport of the page with your picture
CV with information of your past studies and work experiences etc.
Photocopy of school transcripts 

Where to send application material
Students must send their completed application documents to Milan Fashion Campus. The application form must be filled out and signed.
Students will be informed of the outcome of their application within one week from receipt of the full application.

Send to: Milan Fashion Campus 
By mail

Or sent direct to: 
Milan Fashion Campus 
Via Giuseppe Broggi 7 – 20129 Milano Italy

The courses can start on any Monday
Lessons are from Monday to Thursday from Morning 9.30am to 12.30pm and Afternoon 14.00 to 17.00pm

Limited admission
The courses are limited to certain numbers of students

General Information

VISA - Stay Permit in ITALY 
Non-EU students who plan to stay in Italy for more than 3 months, will first need to ask
for a Student Visa in their home country, then apply for a stay permit within 8 days from arrival date in Italy. For any documents needed from MFC, please inform when sending the application form and documents will be sent after full payment of courses.
Each country has different Visa Conditions. 
Contact the Italian Consulate/Embassy in your country for further information.

( If the Italian embassy is delaying your VISA confirmation, please ask other European embassy’s like France Germany ….. )

Usually they need the course acceptance letter (pre – enrolment in course). So after you will send the application form and course fee, we will prepare the document invitation letter . The 500 euro Enrolment Fee is not refundable.

Upon request only by enrolled students, MFC will provide a list of hotels, certified residences, real estate agencies.
Accomodation link here Cick Here

Students will recieve the Certificate of Study issued by the private school of Milan Fashion Campus after the completion of the course.

Course Reservation & Payment 
In order to reserve the position of the course, payment of the Enrolment Fee must be made within 7 days after the application date and 
then the course fee 14 days after the application fee.
Course spot is absolutely reserved after full payment. 

For Enrolment fee (500euros), no refunds will be issued.
For Course fee, course cancellation 30 days before starting course date - 100% refund.
For Course fee, course cancellation 15 days before starting course date - 50% refund.
For Course fee, course cancellation 7 days before starting course date - no refunds will be issued.
Please Note: The percentage of course refunds includes the bank transaction fee.

The Enrolment Fee is not refundable.
Cancellation date is counted from the day the cancellation e-mail is sent.
The cancellation of the course must be notified via registered e-mail.

Cancellation of the Courses 
Milan Fashion Campus reserves the right to cancel courses, within a month of the scheduled commencement date. Enrolled students will be informed by written communication and all fees already paid will be reimbursed, without any further costs.

( Apply Here! )

Wait our confirmation

When to apply 
Any time

Contact Details

Milan Fashion Campus

Via Giuseppe Broggi 7 – 20129 Milano Italy 
Phone 0039 26822730 Fax 0039 700445714

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